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June 10, 2020

E L Terry - Where are the Miracles

June 9, 2020

Charity Harris - Come and Dine

Charity Harris - God's Rest

Charity Harris - The Joy that Took Jesus to the Cross

Charity Harris - The Rain

June 10, 2020

Delmer Guynes - Ascension and Intercession

Delmer Guynes - The Greatest Love Story Ever Told

June 8, 2020

Ronald R Minor - Preparation for the Miracle of Pentecost

Ronald R Minor - The Burning Bush

June 6, 2020

Roy Harthern - Faith

June 5, 2020

Stefan Guylas - Sacrifice

June 3, 2020

John Norvell - What God Is Doing in the Latter Day Church

May 10, 2020

David A Lewis - The Millienium and the New Heavens and Earth

David A Lewis - Daniel's 70th Week

David A Lewis - Christ's Coming in II Thessalonians 2

May 8, 2020

Marcus Alexander - Where Is Their God?

May 7, 2020

Clarence St John - Looking for a Man to Stand in the Gap

May 6, 2020

B H Clendennen - The Great Commission

May 5, 2020

Tommy Barnett - Balance in Marriage

Tommy Barnett - It Is Better to Give than to Get

Tommy Barnett - Judge Not

Tommy Barnett - Sloppy Agape

Tommy Barnett - Making a Boy into a Man

Tommy Barnett - Five Things Every Woman Ought to Know about a Man

May 4, 2020

Thomas F Zimmerman - Patterns for Renewal

May 3, 2020

C M Ward - When You Hit Bottom

C M Ward - Expectancy

C M Ward - Five Special Delivery Messages

C M Ward - Feelings - Part One

C M Ward - Feeling - Part Two

C M Ward - Experience Not Exposure

C M Ward - Restraint Removed

C M Ward - The Bridegroom

C M Ward - Seven Lessons for Charismatics

C M Ward - The Best Deal in Town

C M Ward - The Chasm

C M Ward - Sins of Omission

C M Ward - The Height of the Apple Tree

C M Ward - The Danger of "Only Teasing"

C M Ward - The Visitation

C M Ward - Unbelief among Evangelicals

C M Ward - Why We Don't Play the Lottery

May 2, 2020

Grady Q Manley - The Sixth Seal of Revelation

May 1, 2020

Ray Pinson - Be Not Deceived

Ray Pinson - Bent Double but Made Straight

Ray Pinson - The Christian Race

April 30, 2020

Dan Betzer - The Jesus Nobody Knows

April 29, 2020

Alton Garrison - The Power of Blessing - Part One

Alton Garrison - Who Is the Author of My Trial

April 28, 2020

David Wilkerson - God's Vision for the Latter Day Church

David Wilkerson - The Monkey on the Mind

David Wilkerson - Home Sweet Home

April 27, 2020

James E Hamill - The Road to Success

April 26, 2020

Steve Hill - Hunger for God

April 25, 2020

Charles Greenaway - Jesus Passeth By - 1978

Charles Greenaway - Pentecostal Cross Bearers

Charles Greenaway - The Potter's Wheel - 1978

Charles Greenaway - The Wind Bloweth Where It Listeth

April 24, 2020

Ken George - 26 Gifts of the Spirit - Part One

Ken George - 26 Gifts of the Spirit - Part Two

Ken George - 26 Gifts of the Spirit - Part Three

Ken George - 26 Gifts of the Spirit - Part Four

Ken George - 26 Gifts of the Spirit - Part Five

Ken George - 26 Gifts of the Spirit - Part Six

April 23, 2020

Edgar Bethany - Facing Your Own Failures

Kenneth McGee - Jesus In the Midst

April 22, 2020

Laurell Akers - Birds of a Feather

Bracy Greer - Covenant Relationship

April 21, 2020

Charles Crabtree - Let's Change the World

Charles Crabtree - There Came a Group of Men

April 20, 2020

Earl Banning - Three Kinds of Peace

Earl Banning - Bundles of Benefits

April 19, 2020

B H Clendennen - This Is That Which Was Spoken by the Prophet Joel

April 18, 2020

Jimmy Swaggart - America at the Crossroads

Jimmy Swaggart - Walking on Water

Jimmy Swaggart - Hindrances to Receiving the Holy Spirit

Jimmy Swaggart - I've Left this Peapatch My Last Time

Jimmy Swaggart - Make Room for the Camels

Jimmy Swaggart - Missing God's Last Train to Heaven

Jimmy Swaggart - The Great Commission of Jesus Christ

Jimmy Swaggart - The Name of Jesus (Some Bad Audio)

Jimmy Swaggart - The Rebel

April 17, 2020

Howard Burroughs - Feed My Sheep

Howard Burroughs - The Shepherd's Psalm

April 16, 2020

Perry Cowin - Fourteen Steps to Get Out of Debt

Perry Cowin - God Can Be Trusted

Perry Cowin - How to Control Your Thoughts

Perry Cowin - The Advantage of Adversity

April 15, 2020

Tommy Barnett - In the Beginning - Marriage

Tommy Barnett - Three Kinds of Love

Tommy Barnett - What is Bible Love?

Tommy Barnett - The Father's Responsibilities

Tommy Barnett - The Mother's Responsibilities

April 14, 2020

Jerry King - The Territory of the Kingdom

Jerry King - The First War

Jerry King - Demons and Angels

Jerry King - Hedge Breaking

Jerry King - How to Overcome and Live in Victory

Jerry King - Kingdom's in Conflict

April 13, 2020

Daisy Osborn - God's Woman

Daisy Osborn - The New Woman for the New Church - Part One

Daisy Osborn - The New Woman for the New Church - Part Two

Daisy Osborn - When Women Are Winners

April 12, 2020

Dwain Jones - The Power of the Gospel

Howard Nutt - Jesus Is the Sender

Doyle Jones - The Harvest Connection

April 11, 2020

Alton Garrison - Building a Hedge Around Your Family

Charles Crabtree - The Truth Shall Make You Free

Jerry King -Covenant - The Legal Basis

Jerry King - The Truth about the Kingdom

April 10, 2020

Charles Wigley - Personal Relationships

Charles Wigley -The Mark of the Beast

Lila Terhune - Taking the City

April 9, 2020

Tommy Barnett - The Deacon and Deaconess Program

Tommy Barnett - Is It Wrong for a Church to Be Small

Tommy Barnett - The Power of Preaching

April 8, 2020

M F Hankins - How Sweet It Is

M F Hankins - When You Can't Cross Over Jordan

James Gilbert - Mother's Day

James Gilbert - On the Winning Side

April 7, 2020

C M Ward - Purge Me, Wash Me

C M Ward - The Antichrist, from Whence?

C M Ward - Loaded with Benefits

C M Ward - Life's Three and Two Situations

C M Ward - It's Never Too Late

C M Ward - How much?

C M Ward - Administrative Accomplishments

C M Ward - A Strange Alliance

April 6, 2020

E L Terry - A Greater than Solomon

E L Terry - The Baptism in the Holy Ghost

E L Terry - The Preparation to Receive the Holy Spirit

R W Schambach - Five Things Paul Reached For

Dale Gentry - The Pit

April 5, 2020

E R Foster - Advice for Ministers

David A Lewis - Satanism, Spiritism and Occultism

Willard Cantelon - Peace of Mind

J Albert Calloway - A Family Testimony

April 4, 2020

Clyde Causey - Great Grace

Clyde Causey - Nets

Clyde Causey - Prayer for Revival

Clyde CAusey - When Jesus Comes Home

Clyde Causey - Why Should We Be Praying for Revival

April 3, 2020

Tommy Barnett - Believing and Knowing

Tommy Barnett - Dying from an Overdose of Living

Earl Banning - Study to Show Thyself

Calvin Durham - Lost Things

April 2, 2020

H A Brummett - A Man of Dignity

H A Brummett - A Man of the Word

H A Brummett - A Man of Prayer

H A Brummett - Profile of a Man of God

April 1, 2020

Delores Hein - Before There Was a World

Delores Hein - Committed to the Task

Delores Hein - Exciting Prayer Meetings in Acts

Delores Hein - God Keeps His Word

Delores Hein - God's Presence

Delores Hein - John Mark

Delores Hein - Lord, Increase our Faith

Delores Hein - Perservearence

Delores Hein - Personal Testimony

Delores Hein - The Characters in the Christmas Story

Delores Hein - Thy King Cometh

Delores Hein - Today's Test: Tomorrow's Testimony

March 31, 2020

R H Spence - Caught in a Storm

March 30, 2020

Darrell Logue -Games People Play with God

Darrell Logue - How to Live Like a Millionaire

Paul Van Winkle - The Purpose of Life and Happiness

James K Bridges - Which River Will Flow From You?

James K Bridges - Following Christ's Example

James K Bridges - The Harvesters - Key People in the Harvest

March 29, 2020

Martha Tennison - A Treasure in Clay Jars

Martha Tennison - Jesus, Where Are You?

Dwight Thompson - Prayer

Robert Slaton - The Ups and Downs of Building

March 28, 2020

David Wilkerson - I Will Fear No Evil

David Wilkerson - The Vision

Owen C Carr - This Treasure in Earthen Vessels

Owen C Carr - Priorities and Values

Owen C Carr - The Call to Ministry

Owen C Carr - A Hippie Revival

Owen C Carr - Church Gowth

Robert Turnage - Overcoming the Pull of Death

March 27, 2020

H Maurice Lednikky - The Process of Learning to Trust

H Maurice Lednicky - The Balance of Faith VS the Soverignty of God

H Maurice Lednicky - The Blessing of Trouble

E R Foster - Casualties of the Ministry

E R Foster - God's Gifts to the Church

E R Foster - Heavenly Sounds

E R Foster - Not for Hire

A R Trotter - Who Is He?

March 26, 2020

Derwood Dubose - The Battle of Faith

J W Farmer - A Ministry of Divine Restoration

March 25, 2020

Alton Garrison - The Grasshopper Complex

Alton Garrison - The Power of Blessing

Alton Garrison - Pentecost Now

March 24, 2020

Don Brankel - Life After Death

Don Brankel - Russia and Iran

Don Brankel - The Antichrist

Don Brankel - The Book of Revelation - Part One

Don Brankel - The Book of Revelation - Part Two

Don Brankel - The Book of Revelation - Part Three

Don Brankel - The Book of Revelation - Part Four

Don Brankel - The Great Tribulation

Don Brankel - The Mark of the Beast

Don Brankel - The Millennium

Jim Brankel - Another Pentecost

March 23, 2020

Daniel T Sheaffer - We Shall Be Like Him

T F Zimmerman - A Profile for Significant Living

J Don George - Avoiding the Seduction of Selfishness

Marvin Gorman - Be a Continual Fire

Marvin Gorman - You Can Move Heaven

Marvin Gorman - The Word - Our Foundation in Prayer

Marvin Gorman - Til the Course is Finished

Marvin Gorman - The Greatest Challenge of a Father

Marvin Gorman - The Influence of a Godly Man

Marvin Gorman - Except the Lord Build the House

Marvin Gorman - The Power of Intercessory Prayer

Marvin Gorman - Know the God of your Father

Marvin Gorman - Mobilized for Victory - Part One

Marvin Gorman - Mobilized for Victory - Part Two

Marvin Gorman - Persistent Prayer

Marvin Gorman - Satan's Plan Against God

Marvin Gorman - The Acts Church Wasn't Perfect Either

Marvin Gorman - God's Remedy - And He Had Compassion

Marvin Gorman - God's Remedy - Divine Healing - Part One

Marvin Gorman - God's Remedy - Divine Healing - Part Two

Marvin Gorman - God's Remedy - How to Get Your Healing

Marvin Gorman - God's Remedy - The Basics for Healing

Marvin Gorman - Greatest Hindrances to Prayer - Iniquity

Marvin Gorman - Greatest Hindrances to Prayer - Lack of Humility

Marvin Gorman - Greatest Hindrances to Prayer - Unforgiveness

Thurman Fountain - Galatians - Part One

Thurman Fountain - Galatians - Part Two

Thurman Fountain - Galatians - Part Three

Thurman Fountain - Galatians - Part Four

Thurman Fountain - Galatians - Part Five

March 22, 2020

Cecil Janway - In the World You Shall Have Tribulation

B H Clendennen - Crown of the Incorruptible

B H Clendennen - God's Strategy for the End Times - Part One

B H Clendennen - God's Strategy for the End Times - Part Two

B H Clendennen - God's Strategy for the End Times - Part Three

B H Clendennen - The Faithful Disciple

B H Clendennen - Save Your Life and Lose It

B H Clendennen - Jesus Is Coming

David A Lewis - 666 - Whose Number Is It?

David A Lewis - America's End-Time Destiny

David A Lewis - An Ex- Witch Testifies

David A Lewis - Christian Science

David A Lewis - Daniel 2 and 7

David A Lewis - Eastern Religions

David A Lewis - Israel - God's Miracle Nation

David A Lewis - Jehovah Witnesses

David A Lewis - Jerusalem the Golden

David A Lewis - Man Centered Cults

David A Lewis - Moonies

David A Lewis - Mr. 666 - The Super-President of the World

David A Lewis - Psuedo-Christian Cults

David A Lewis - Ronald Reagan

David A Lewis - Russia and the USA

David A Lewis - Signs of the End Times

David A Lewis - Sounds of the Middle East - Petra

David A Lewis - The Illumanti - Part One

David A Lewis - The Illumanti - Part Two

David A Lewis - The Illumaniti - Part Three

David A Lewis - The Illumanti - Part Four

David A Lewis - The Jew in Bible Prophecy

David A Lewis - The Middle East - Armegeddon

David A Lewis - The Rapture - Pre, Post or Mid?

David A Lewis - Transcendental Meditation

David A Lewis - UFOs

David A Lewis - What Is a Cult

David A Lewis - Will Science Create Life

March 21, 2020

Bobby Wilson - Winds of the Spirit

March 3, 2020

Richard Michalski - Fools, Folly and Favor

Richard Michalski - How Long, O, Lord

Richard Michalski - Mystery Made Perfect

Richard Michalski - Now Faith

Richard Michalski - Personal Testimony