Please read the note below and prayerfully consider donating to restore Pentecostal Gold. You may use this link and choose the Pentecostal Gold option.


We are sorry but the sermons on Pentecostal Gold are inoperable at this time. We have outgrown our hosting service. When I started Pentecostal Gold, I intended it to grow. I still expect it to grow. I continue to add sermons even though they are not available for you to hear. The site has now grown beyond my ability to finance it.

In September, I was informed that I had exceeded my limit for hosting and the site was in danger of being removed. I began working on a better plan and purchased a better plan with unlimited files. In the meantime, the website was hacked and I had to remove the malware and buy security for the site. I also had to buy security certificates to verify that the sites are safe. This all cost me around $2500.00. (When I say “me” I mean our ministry).

As we began migration to the new hosting, we were again informed that the program is too large. We had purchased unlimited files, but not unlimited data. The sermon folder is too large to upload. This is partly due to the fact we have reached nearly 1800 sermons and also because I am converting all old files to MP3s which take more space but can be accessed by all devices. I have enough space to get the site up, but not the cache of sermons. Because of the size of the site and to be able to expand, I must purchase a Level 5 Business Hosting Plan. For five years, that will cost an additional $3,400. I simply do not have the money.

As I said, I have already spent $2500 on the site this fall. We are hosting several dinners this fall to raise money for missions this fall and so that all the money raised goes directly to missions, we pay for all the meals and the venues from our ministry account. Our extra expenses for our recent Brazil crusade were more than we anticipated. The bottom line is simple, if Pentecostal Gold is going to survive, I need your help.

Except for one year when a donor paid the expenses, our ministry has regularly borne the expense of hosting the site and are thankful for the privilege. I have spent thousands of hours preparing and posting sermons and enjoyed most every minute of it.

Access to Pentecostal Gold is free. As long as I host the site, it will always be free. If you enjoy the site, will you send an offering to keep it up and running for the next five years? If you are a pastor, perhaps your church can help. Our first contributor was a church that gave in memory of Pastor Larry Hatfield.

The future of Pentecostal Gold is in your hands.

You can send a check to:


Pentecostal Gold

P O Box 5

Duncan, OK 73534

Or if you want to give by credit card you may click the link below. Be sure and choose the Pentecostal Gold option.


If you want to follow our progress in raising the funds, you can click here.