Don Brankel

Don Brankel has been preaching the gospel for more than 70 years. He answered the call of the ministry when he was only 15 years old. Since that time, he has served in full-time ministry; either conducting revivals throughout the US, as well as overseas, or pastoring churches. He has preached countless youth camps and family camps and revivals in all but one of the 50 states in the US. He has also preached in 17 countires. Brother Brankel preaches an uncompromised Word and remains faithful to God's Word in his message and lifestyle.

His foremost interest is loving God and spreading the Gospel. Don Brankel is happiest when he is in the pulpit preaching. He would "rather preach than eat."

Brotehr Brankel's loving companion, Neta, made her journey to Heaven on February 3, 2018.

The Brankels had two daughters, Leenetta and Jacqueta; five grandchildren, and thirteen great grandchildren. They all love "Papa Buddy" and they cherish the time they can spend with him.

Brother Brankel lives in Van Buren, Arkansas and turned 90 years of age in January 2020. He still preaches at every opportunity and spends his days in prayer, Bible study and preparing his next message.


A Place, A Price, and a Peace in God

An Uncertain Sound


Balance in Faith and Confession


Bind the Sacrifice

Breaking a Drought for Revival

Come Down from Your Chariot

David’s Finest Hour

Earnestly Contending for the Faith

Enoch Walked with God

Eternal Security

Even Now

Faith and Positive Confession

Fall Not Out

Four Things Never Satisfied

Giving and Prosperity

He Showed Himself Alive

Hills That Have Helped Me

How Wide Is Your Boat?

If the Trumpet Gives an Uncertain Sound

Israel and the Arab World

Jesus Is Lord

Life After Death

More on the Holy Ghost

No Man Careth for My Soul

One Thing

Paul’s Fears

Raising Your Family in Sodom

Rejected or Restored

Revelation: The Unfinished Message of Jesus

Revival of Returns

Revival Returns

Russia and Iran

Six That Will Miss the Rapture (Second Half Defective)

Sound of Pentecost

The Antichrist

The Book of Revelation – Part Four

The Book of Revelation – Part Four

The Book of Revelation – Part One

The Book of Revelation – Part One

The Book of Revelation – Part Three

The Book of Revelation – Part Three

The Book of Revelation – Part Two

The Book of Revelation – Part Two

The Bridegroom’s Friend

The Cup

The Destitute

The Fire of Pentecost

The Great Tribulation

The Holy Trinity

The Insanity of Sin

The Liberty of the Believer

The Mark of the Beast

The Marriage Supper

The Millennium

The Prophet Jeremiah

The Seven Beatitudes of the Revelation

Three Sins against the Holy Ghost

Treasures in the House of God

What Shall We Do?

What the Devil Saw at Pentecost

Who Cares?

Why John Was Great

Used by permission of Don Brankel.

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