Jack Dial

Jack Dial was called to preach in Waycross, Georgia at age 19 and spread God's word as a devoted pastor and evangelist for the next 50 years. He started his ministry on the saw dust floors of small rural churches in Waycross, Georgia and retired from full time pastoral ministry in 1999 while serving a congregation of over 1500 members at Evangel Temple in Wichita Falls, TX.

In 1979, Dial and Evangel Temple were tested when their building was totally destroyed and a secretary working in the building was killed by a massive tornado.Dial corageously said, "Our building is gone, but our church is still alive and here. We have the most important thing still with us. We still have our faith."

Brother Jack, as he is known to thousands of former members and friends, touched so many through his preaching, teaching, counseling and loving guidance. Brother Jack continued his ministry daily by being a faithful prayer warrior for all he came in contact with or had pastored through the years. Reverend Dial lived his faith daily and was a Christian role model for all.

Brother Dial went to be with the Lord on Saturday, September 21, 2013.


Used by permission of Mary Lou Dial.

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