Mystery Sermons

Help Us Identify These Preachers!

Below are some sermons donated to us for Pentecostal Gold or sermons from my personal collection. I do not know who the preachers are in these sermons - the tapes were not labeled or were not labeled correctly.

I cannot officially add these to the archive until I know who they are and receive permission.

Maybe you can listen and identify the preachers. If you can identify any of these preachers, please Contact Us or send an email to Your input is deeply appreciated.

Mystery #1

These two sermons were preached at a Full Gospel Fellowship Convention, probably in Los Angeles in the early to mid 1980s. We know only the preacher's last names.

FGF 1 - Rev Parish

FGF 2 - Rev Hildreth from Michigan

Mystery #2

This sermon was preached at Evangel Temple AG in Wichita Falls TX on Wed October 9, 1985. Jack Dial was the Pastor.

ET 1

Mystery #3

These three sermons were preached at the Assembly of God in Covina CA around 1969-70, when Judge Lindsey was the pastor.

Covina 1

Covina 2

Covina 3

Mystery #4

This sermon was preached at Victory Chapel in Bakersfield, CA. Date Unknown. Is it pastor Ken Noel?

Bakersfield 1


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