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One of the most well known evangelists of the Twentieth century, Asa Alonso Allen was known as 'God's man of faith and power'. He was incredibly gifted, dramatic and controversial. Brother Allen was born in Sulphur Rock, Arkansas, March 27th 1911. His childhood was one of growing up in poverty and plain hard work as was common in those days. His father was known to be a chronic alcoholic, and his mother was said to be living in sin with other men.

In 1934 Brother Allen was converted in a Holy Ghost filled Methodist church. He was ordained in 1936 as an AOG minister and launched out in his life of preaching.

In 1947 he settled into pastoring a small church in Corpus Christi, Texas and left the field. Two years later Allen attended an Oral Roberts tent meeting in Dallas. Brother Allen was touched at the results of Robert's Revival meeting and was convinced that a great revival was ahead. That meeting exposed Brother Allen to miracle after miracle and he was convinced that the Spirit of God was moving across the land with displays of great power.

Asa Allen left that meeting with such a conviction for the lost to receive God's miracle working power that he asked his church board to allow him to start a radio program. They refused. This seemed to damper Brother Allen's spirit immensely, although he had inside of him a great overpowering urge and determination that pushed him beyond the barriers imposed by man and he resigned from pastoring to hit the gospel road again. It was at this point that Allen started his Healing Revival Campaigns.

Asa was desperate to sum up what people were hungering after. He came to a realisation after witnessing the great crowds being drawn to the gigantic tent of Oral Roberts. In 1955 Brother Allen made a bold move of faith and purchased a tent for $8,700 that was way beyond his natural abilities to pay for, although he knew that God was the giver. With God's blessing he entered the golden era of tent evangelism with a healing/salvation theme.

Brother Allen was one of the first, along with Oral Roberts, to open his revival meetings up to an interracial crowd. 

In 1958 Jack Coe went to be with the Lord, so Brother Allen purchased his great tent. Coe's tent had seated well over 22,000 and Allen had obviously been blessed with the largest tent in the world. During a time when the revivalists of the Voice of Healing movement began to disappear, Allen was bestowed the ability to raise the support that he needed to keep this ministry going.

At the height of his ministry, Allen had over 340,000 subscribers to Miracle Magazine. He was preaching in all the major cities and auditoriums across the country, was heard on radio, and had written many cutting edge books. There are still thousands of people today that were touched by the power of God working through Brother Allen. He was one of the first to birth a national television ministry and the first to broadcast prophecies and deliverances from demons over the airwaves.  Up to twelve hundred received the baptism of the Holy Ghost in a single service.

Asa Alonso Allen went to be with his Saviour on June 11th, 1970. He was fifty-nine years of age.


Used by permission of Paul Asa Allen.

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