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Asa Alonso Allen was a healing evangelist and an original member of the Voice of Healing. He preached revival meetings across America in a canvas tent that seated 22,000 people.

Allen was one of the most successful and most controversial of the tent revivalists of the 1950s and 1960s. He felt the call to tent evangelism after attending an Oral Roberts meeting. Unlike some of his contemporaries, Allen always insisted that his meetings were integrated.

At the peak of his ministry, he appeared on fifty-eight radio stations daily as well as forty-three TV stations. At the time of his death, his Arizona headquarters, known as Miracle Valley was 2,400 acres and even had its own airfield.

At that time, A. A. Allen Revivals, Inc. was publishing "well over" 60 million pieces of literature a year. The circulation of Miracle Magazine, published monthly by the Allen ministry, was 450,000.

Brother Allen died in San Francisco, California, on June 11, 1970. He was only 59. He is buried in Miracle Valley.


Used by permission of Paul Asa Allen.

For more information on AA Allen and to purchase his sermons, musical recordings and books, visit www.aaallenonline.com. These sites are maintained by his son Paul who is the only legitimate distributor of Brother Allen's materials. Paul has also written about life with his famous father, In the Shadow of Greatness: Growing up Allen.


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