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Christian Living


Heaven & Hell

The Church

The Church

1. God Wants to Talk to His Church – Rev. 1:1-20

2. God Knows His Church – Part 1 – Rev. 2:1-29

3. God Knows His Church – Part 2 – Rev. 3:1-22

A 1st Century Church for the 21st Century

A Glorious Church

Biblical Principles for Church Growth


Characteristics of an Acts Church

Charting the Course of Your Church

Church Administration

Church and Family

Church Gowth

Church Impropriety

Committed to the Church

Four Greatest Promises for the Church

God Uses Us to Build His Church

God’s Gifts to the Church

God’s Vision for the Latter Day Church

How God Sees His Church

How to Act in Church

How to Plant Churches

I Will Build My Church

Is It Wrong for a Church to Be Small

Is the Church Relevant

Miracles, Materials, Methods of Building the Church

Missions: The DNA of the Church

My Desire for this Church

Preparation and Harvest

Principles of Church Growth

Some False Doctrines in the Church Today

The Acts Church Wasn’t Perfect Either

The Acts Model for Church Growth

The Changing Role of a Church Board

The Church and the Holy Spirit

The Church at Pergamos

The Church on the Frontier

The Church: God’s Greatest Mystery

The Contemporary Church – Our Practice

The Deception of the Church

The Fear of the Lord in the Latter Day Church

The Function of the Church

The Glorious Church Restraining Satan

The Historical Church – Our Preparation

The Key to Revival

The Last Days of the Church

The Marching Orders of the Church

The Mission of the Church Today

The New Woman for the New Church – Part One

The New Woman for the New Church – Part Two

The Pentecostal Church of the 21st Century

The Place of Koinonia in the New Testament Church

The Power of Preaching

The Preparation of the Church

The Presentable Church

The Prodigal Church

The Rapture of the Church

The Work of Holy Spirit in Behalf of Church

Things Church Leaders Have in Common

What God Is Doing in the Latter Day Church

What Is the Church?

What Kind of Church Are We Building

When Not One Single Church Can Be Found on Earth

Why Church Membership?