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Christian Living


A Faith That Pleases God

An Example of the Believer in Faith

Balance in Faith and Confession

Battle of Faith

Believe Big

Blessed Assurance – 1 – Justified by Faith

Blessed Assurance – 2 – Justified by Faith – Part Two

Blessed Assurance – 4 – Faith Unto Grace

Building Relationships – Faith

Daring Faith

Do You Believe In the Holy Ghost

Facing the Future by Faith




Faith and Convictions

Faith and Determination

Faith and Positive Confession

Faith Builders In The Storms Of Life

Faith Confession in the New Testament

Faith for the Miraculous and the Mundane

Faith for the Miraculous and the Mundane

Faith Hope and Love

Faith is Not Inherited

Faith Is the Substance

Faith is the Victory

Faith to Live By – Confidence

Faith to Live By – Live

Faith Works by Love

Faith, Fact and Feeling

Faith: A Biblical Truth and a Daily Practice

Faithful in Stewardship

Fear, Feeling and Faith

Finishing Faith

Foundations of Faith – Part 1

Foundations of Faith – Part 2

Foundations of Faith – Part 3

Full of Faith and the Holy Ghost

Great Faith

Holiness and Faith

If Thou Believe

Is God Faithful?

Joseph: The Testing of Our Faith

Lord, Increase our Faith

Now Faith

Now Faith

Perfecting Faith

Persistent Faith Pays

Results of Your Faith

Salvation by Faith through Grace Plus

Saved by Faith

Seven Keys to Power

Spiritual Secrets to a Life of Faith

Stand Firm in the Faith

The “Down Among You” Faith

The Balance of Faith vs. the Sovereignty of God

The Balanced Faith Life

The Battle of Faith

The Evidence of Faith

The Faithful Disciple

The Miracle of Sustained Faith

The Nature of Faith

The Pattern of Faith

The Seven Enemies of Faith

The Shield of Faith

The Shout of Faith

The Thing Called Faith

The Unwavering Faith

The Window of Faith

There Is a Miracle in the Making



Unbelief among Evangelicals

Varied Aspects of Faith

Walking by Faith Is Like Walking on Water

What Faith Is / What It Is Not

What Faith Is?

Where Have All the Heroes of the Faith Gone?


A Man of Prayer

A Real Prayer Meeting

A Woman of God in the City

All Because of a Prayer Meeting

All Revivals Are Started by Prayer

And He Prayed Again

Biblical Patterns of Prayer


Different Phases of the Word Prayer

Digging the Well of Prayer

Elijah’s Prayer

Everything Begins With Prayer

Exciting Prayer Meetings in Acts

Fasting and Prayer

God Answers Prayer

Greatest Hindrances to Prayer – Iniquity

Greatest Hindrances to Prayer – Lack of Humility

Greatest Hindrances to Prayer – Unforgiveness

How A Praying Woman Changed Her World

How Does God Answer Prayer

How to Get Your Prayers Answered

How to Pray with a Pure Heart

I Will Pray

Jabez’ Prayer

Lessons from Jesus’ Prayer Life

Motivation in Prayer

My Prayer for You

Paul’s Prayer in Prison

Paul’s Two Prayers

Persistent Prayer

Practical Guidance for Church Intercession

Pray Thru Until You Break Thru





Prayer and Praise

Prayer Can Hurt You

Prayer Defined

Prayer for Revival

Prayer Plus Promises Equals Power

Prayer Power in Action

Prayer with Much Importunity

Prayer: Strength for All Occasions

Prayer: What the Assemblies of God Needs

Praying in the Spirit

Praying the Promises of God

Qualities Essential to a Successful Prayer Life (Poor Sound Quality)

Qualities Essential to an Effective Prayer Life

Reflections on Ministry, Prayer and the Wind of Pentecost

Teach Us to Pray

Teach Us to Pray

The Acts 4 Prayer Meeting

The Key to Revival

The Kingdom Pattern of Praying

The Miracle of Energetic Prayer

The Power of Intercessory Prayer

The Prayer of Paul in Prison

The Purpose of Prayer

The Results of Prayer

The Word – Our Foundation in Prayer

Things Said about Prayer

Three Prayers for You

What It Means to Pray Through

Why Are My Prayers Not Answered?

Why Should We Be Praying for Revival

You Can Have Anything You Pray For



A Family Testimony

A Man, His Wife and His Children


Basic Differences in Men and Women

Building a Hedge Around Your Family

Building Self Image in those Around You

Causes of a Poor Self Image


Children’s Responsibilities to Their Parents

Church and Family

Committed to the Family


Demonic Involvement in the Human Family

Dynamics of Christian Relationships – Being a Man of God

Dynamics of Christian Relationships – Being a Woman of God

Emotions in the Christian Family – Depression

Emotions in the Christian Family – Fear

Emotions in the Christian Family – Guilt

Emotions in the Christian Family – Loneliness


Family Life – Broken Homes and Remarriage

Family Life – Helping the Children of Divorce

Family Life – Remarriage and Divorce

Family Life – The Acts of Marriage

Family Life – The Authority of the Head of the House

Family Life – The Bill of Divorce

Family Life – The Greatest Challenge for Mothers

Family Life – The Head of the House

Family Life – The Results of Divorce

Family Life – The Role of Women – Part One

Family Life – The Role of Women – Part Two

Four Roles of the Father

God Hates Divorce

God Will Save Your Family

How Do You Make Marriage Work

How Jesus Related to Others – Jesus and His Family

How to Build Your Self Image

How to Start Family Devotions in Your Home

How to Win the War Satan Is Waging Against Your Family

Raising Your Family in Sodom

Real Love and Self Image

Saved and Thy House

Six Things Wives Wish Their Husbands Understood

Solving Family Crises

Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child

Spirit Filled Family Living – Conflict Resolution and Decision Making

Spirit Filled Family Living – Healthy Growing Families

Spirit Filled Family Living – The Spirit Filled Family

The Cure – Healthy Self Image

The Cycles in Marriage

The Forces that Are Fighting Your Family

The Importance of a Healthy Self Image

The Lord Builds the House

The Pastor and His Family

Thus We Know Family

What Is a Christian Marriage?


Heaven & Hell