Connie Lundstrom

Connie Lundstrom was a Christian singer, author, conference host and speaker, wife of Pastor/Evangelist, Lowell Lundstrom,

Connie grew up on a farm in South Dakota. She would tell: "My childhood was very happy. We lived in a three-room house--a kitchen, living room/bedroom and another bedroom--with no electricity or bathroom. Mom's cooking and baking on the old wood stove were the best--especially the bread, cookies and cakes, which were made from our own fresh milk and butter. I enjoyed what my dad called 'goose chases' when we'd drive through the country stopping at farms to see if they had a piece of equipment or livestock for sale. Growing up on the farm was fun and a fairly quiet and peaceful existence."

When Connie was a sophomore in high school she met Lowell at a talent contest. They began to date and were married in 1957. Lowell says, "My wife Connie was the queen of my life for over 54 years. We first met when I was a country rock entertainer. The first time I heard her sing I loved her alto voice and asked her to join my band. Connie invited me to church, and as a result of her influence, I committed my life to Jesus Christ."

She and Lowell attended four years of Bible college together at what is now Trinity Bible College in Ellendale, North Dakota. Both were good students; Connie was elected valedictorian and Lowell salutatorian of their class.

The couple began their evangelistic music ministry, traveling in a little Nash Rambler station-wagon to churches in the Midwest. Since then, the ministry has grown tremendously. Connie, Lowell and eight team members traveled in two buses over 300 nights of the year throughout the United States and Canada holding city-wide interdenominational outreaches, seminars and rallies for over two decades.

In the fall of 1996, Lowell and Connie launched Celebration Church in the Minneapolis suburb of Burnsville, Minnesota. They continue their soulwinning outreaches and marriage seminars across the United States and Canada as well as being pastors at Celebration Church.

Connie went to be with the Lord on December 13, 2011.


Used by permission of Lori Fitz, General Manager Lowell Lundstrom Ministries.

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