Curtis Ledbetter

Curtis F. Ledbetter was saved under the ministry of J C Hibbard at Gospel Lighthouse in Dallas. He moved to Duncan, Oklahoma in 1952 to pastor a small church and built Gospel Beams Church in 1958.


Brother Ledbetter didn't just pastor Gospel Beams, he pastored all of Duncan. He had a weekly radio broadcast, a television program and he visited daily in Duncan's hospitals. Special events and revivals at Gospel Beams church touched thousands in the community.


With a burden for missions, Brother Ledbetter traveled the world preaching the gospel. He and workers from Gospel Beams established the first authentic Christian witness on the island of Nauru.

Curtis Ledbetter went to heaven on September 10, 2000 at the age of 87. He left a great legacy on this earth. The host of Pentecostal Gold considers him one of the greatest pastors he ever met.


Used by permission of Ray Ledbetter.

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