George Edgerly

Dr. George Edgerly has served the Assemblies of God as a pastor and district and national adminstrator. He is best known for his contribution to the Bible Quiz program.He is known by many as "the father of Bible Quiz." George attended the first Bible Quiz Nationals event, at General Council 1963 in Memphis, Tennessee, when the program was in its infancy. Now he has more than forty-seven years of Bible Quiz involvement under his belt, including coaching local teams, officiating at national tournaments and writing multiple study guides.

Edgerly has been a first-hand witness of the benefits of Bible Quiz. "It is the appreciation of quizzers and parents that keeps me going," Edgerly says, "I have coached 14 career missionaries plus many pastors and pastors' wives. Quiz has gotten a lot of God's kids into God's Word and lots of God's Word into God's kids!"

George is now retired and living in Springfield, Missouri.


Used by permission of George Edgerly.

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