Martha Tennison

Evangelist Martha Tennison is known for her powerful preaching as well as her lively and humorous delivery. Past the age of 70, she continues to have many opportunities to preach in churches and at women's events.

Called by God to be an evangelist 6 months after she was married, Martha would say that her calling was to be a wife before it was to be a preacher. 

When the Tennison's only child was 5 years old, they asked God to allow them to settle down and pastor while their son attended school. God respected their request and sent them to Radcliff, Kentucky. It was during that pastorate that their church experienced a tragic bus accident killing three of their pastoral staff and 24 children. Their son was on the bus, though not injured.

This incident impacted the church greatly, but through the leadership of the Tennisons God ministered His sustaining love and power to their congregation. After their son graduated from high school, they resumed their evangelist ministry and have continued to this day.

Martha has spoken at the Assemblies of God Pentecostal Preachers Week, a national workshop on "The Call to Pentecostal Prayer," and at the first Women in Ministry national gathering.

When asked what is the main emphasis of her preaching, Martha replied, "it is to encourage people to keep their focus on Jesus."


Used by permission of Martha Tennison.

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