J C Hibbard

As a young Assemblies of God preacher, Jordan Carl (JC) Hibbard evangelized and pastored several churches in North Texas. In 1934 Hibbard became the pastor of the Oak Cliff Assemblies of God. It was an opportune time, the Dallas area had been shaken by a successful crusade led by Aimee Semple McPherson.

Hibbard's marriage failed and he left the Assemblies of God. In 1940, JC, his new wife Nell and a few faithful followers planted the Gospel Lighthouse in South Dallas. With 5,000 members the church was one of the largest independent Pentecostal churches in the world.

In 1942 Hibbard started a radio broadcast on Dallas's KSKY radio. For forty years he preached to thousands in Texas, Oklahoma and surrounding states. His ministry was blessed with many miracles, signs and wonders.

Hibbard was still active in ministry when he died in 1980 at the age of 71.


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Used by permission of J C Hibbard, Jr.

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