Willard Cantelon

Canadian Evangelist Willard Theadore Cantelon (1916 - 1999) was well recognized for his three books on global economics, The Day the Dollar Dies, New Money or None, and Money Master of the World , and for years of lecturing at civic, university, and church gatherings.

Cantelon wrote several other books, including two on the third member of the Trinity, The Baptism in the Holy Spirit and Questions and Answers Dealing with the Spiritual Experience of Speaking with Other Tongues.

Cantelon's works were dominated by a fascination with the ancient Biblical prophets, and conviction that their premonitory writings illuminated the dilemmas and crises of the modern age. Instead, however, of conjectured gloom, he foresaw, in these ancient texts, an epoch foretold, of world unity and peace, a prophetic worldview substantiated by both theological and historical criticism. This passionate vision permeated all of Cantelon's published and spoken words.


Used by permission of Lee Cantelon.

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