David Wilkerson

David Wilkerson is probably best known for his work among the gang members in New York City. That work is chronicled in The Cross and the Switchblade. The book has been read by more then 15 million people and the motion picture has been viewed by more than fifty million.

Out of his early work in New York City, Wilkerson founded Teen Challenge. The ministry that helps men and women with addictive behaviors has grown to a world-wide organization reaching the lost in 82 countries.

In 1987, Wilkerson returned to NYC and founded Times Square Church. The congregation has grown to 8,000.

Wilkerson wrote over 30 books and made a tremendous impact on his world. He was killed in an automobile accident in 2011 less than one month short of his eightieth birthday.


*This message was recorded on a hand held recorder and is poor quality but a great message.

**This is a very old recording and part is missing, but is very relevant.


Used by permission of World Challenge.



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